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At ITBA, we want the finest talents in the country- those who generate impact and have a vocation to drive ideas and projects- to be part of our University. Our Scholarship Program builds bridges for students who are outstanding in their skills, commitment, and effort to become members of ITBA. 

Through our different types of scholarships and benefits, we offer our educational proposal for future leaders in technology management in our country. We open doors, create opportunities and reinforce values.


Argentina Scholarship

ITBA sponsors a percentage – partially or fully- of the tuition fees of those students with a tight financial situation that would impede their enrollment or continuation in their studies.

Protagonists Scholarship

This scholarship is aimed at those students who were flag bearers/valedictorians in schools that have agreements with ITBA.

OATec Scholarship

It is given to High School students who have won the OATec -Technology Olympics- organized by ITBA. 

Challenge ITBA Scholarship

It is granted to High School students who have won the Challenge ITBA contest.

If you are a high school student or a preparatory course student

Contact the Admissions Department
Whatsapp: 1130932056

If you are an undergraduate student in ITBA

Contact the University Life Department
0810 222 4822 (extension 2-1-2)