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Ph.D. in Engineering and Ph.D. in Software Engineering

The Ph.D. in Engineering and Software Engineering are intended for training experts in multiple branches of technology. The programs are based on projects managed by ITBA research professors, financed and accredited by the Ministry of Sciences, Technology and Productive Innovation and other state scientific organizations, as well as private companies or ITBA funds. We share objectives and trends with the best international universities where we join the training, I+D+i, and the transference to the productive sector, a true Sabato´s Triangle in the university world.

Contact information

Gustavo Pierotti –
(+5411) 3754-4869

Ph.D. in Management of System Innovation

The Ph.D. In Management of Systemic Innovation is aimed to train researchers on innovation with skills to analyze, design, and manage innovative processes and ecosystems. This Program characterizes by a systemic vision that allows the approach to complex issues based on forms of investigation and analysis that consider both technological creativity and the economic, social, environmental, and cultural dimensions of the innovation processes.

Contact information

Mercedes Hammar /
(+5411) 3754-4737