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ITBA´s Technology School mission and vision are consistent with those of ITBA, considering our degree courses as the raison d’être of the University, based on research and ties with companies and with the community, and in articulation with graduate careers and executive education. Its aim is to provide education with a national and international vision.

The School consists of the following departments that coordinate the activities of students, teachers and researchers:

  • Dept. of Bioengineering. Director: Dr. Fabricio Ballarini
  • Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Director: Dr. Eng. Miguel Aguirre
  • Dept. of Mechanical and Naval Engineering. Director: Dr. Eng. Sebastián D’Hers
  • Dept. of Petroleum Engineering. Director: Dr. Eng. Jorge Stripeikis
  • Dept. of Chemical Engineering. Director: Dr. Jorge Stripeikis
  • Dept. of Mathematics. Director: Dr. Rafael García Galiñanes
  • Dept. of Physics. Director: Dr. Jorge Ratto


Centers and Laboratories

Research and Development (R&D) constitutes one of the main strengths of the Technology School. It has 9 R&D centers and 4 laboratories, all of them with strong international links, that carry out Research, Development, Technological Services, Innovation and Industry Transfer tasks.

The Centers and Laboratories coordinated by the departments of the School are the following:

Dept. of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

  • Argentine Center for Radiocommunications and Electromagnetic Compatibility Studies (CAERCEM). Director: Eng. Claudio Muñoz, MBA.
  • Advanced Digital Electronics Group (GEDA). Director: Eng. Daniel Jacoby.
  • Center for Research and Development in Industrial Electronics (CIDEI). Director: Dr. Eng. Miguel Aguirre.

Dept. of Mechanical and Naval Engineering

  • Center for Materials Engineering (CeMat). Director: M.Sc. Eng. Hernán Baranda.
  • Computational Mechanics Center (CMC). Director: Dr. Eng. Sebastián D’Hers.
  • Hydrogen Laboratory. Director: Lic. Ricardo Lauretta.
  • Mechatronics Laboratory.

Dept. of Petroleum Engineering

  •  Petroleum Laboratory.

Dept. of Chemical Engineering

  •  Laboratory of Petrophysics.

Dept. of Physics

  • Center for Environmental Engineering (CIMA). Director: Mag. Lic. Liliana Bertini.

Dept. of Mathematics

  • Optoelectronics Laboratory. Director: Dr. Eng. Pablo Fierens
  • Center for Systems and Control (CeSyC). Director: Dr. José Luis Mancilla Aguilar

Moreover, the School has two Innovation and Transfer centers, which by their mainstreaming characteristics, report directly to the School management, these are:

  • Center for the Development of Methodologies for Engineering Education (CeDeMEI). Director: Dr. Jorge Ratto

It channels education initiatives and capacities from ITBA teachers, both graduate and undergraduate.

  • Mechatronics Center (CeMec).

It develops applied research and development activities integrating mechanics, electronics, electricity and information technology.