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ITBA´s Management School carries out Teaching, Research and Development, and University Extension activities in topics related to its departments, and its research and development centers.
The School consists of the following departments, which coordinate the activities of students, teachers and researchers:

  • Department of Industrial Engineering. Director: Eng. Sebastián Mur
  • Department of Software Engineering. Director: Eng. Santiago Vallés
  • Department of Business Administration and Information Systems. Director: Eng. Juan Vidaguren
  • Department of Business and Social Analytics. Director: Eng. Juan Vidaguren
  • Department of Economy, Finance and Law. Director: Dr. Rifat Lelic

In addition, ITBA´s Managament School promotes the training of students through the development of complementary activities such as training series with business managers, professionals, researchers and public officials, to deepen into the specific knowledge of subjects related to the different disciplines of engineering, information technology, economy, management and systems.

As part of its activities, it establishes links with other institutions from academic, private and governmental sectors, to promote, not only the development of careers, but also research and projects that allow the development of students and teachers, and result in creative and innovative contributions for their counterparts.

At the graduate level, the Management School has close ties and participation in graduate courses related to technology management, strategy, organization management, information technology, regional planning, infrastructure, logistics, innovation and competitiveness.


In addition to the research and development centers coordinated by each of the departments, the School has two development centers and one area, which, due to their mainstreaming characteristics within the university, report directly to the School management, these are:

Center for Strategic Studies for Sustainable Development (CEEDS)

It develops teaching activities, applied research and development of projects related to competitiveness, infrastructure, innovation and the environmental dimension of systems and territories.

Area of Art + Technology. Director. Lic. Enrique Díaz Leimbacher

It develops teaching activities, initiatives and projects at the intersection between art, technology and relevant social issues, which foster interdisciplinary creativity.