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ITBA degrees are organized in three Schools, the Management School, directed by Eng. Juan Vidaguren; the Innovation School, directed by Eng. Sebastián Mur and the Technology School.

ITBA Schools work together to train professionals, using advanced educational techniques based on the pillars of engineering, technology and management. Additionally, and with the aim of continuing to cultivate knowledge, the University organizes lectures, meetings and seminars, among other activities.

Management School

ITBA´s  Management School carries out Teaching, Research and Development, and University Extension activities in topics related to its departments, and its research and development centers.

Technology School

ITBA´s Technology School mission and vision are consistent with those of ITBA, considering our degree courses as the raison d’être of the University.

Innovation School

ITBA´s Innovation School specializes in generating knowledge to use technological innovation for society´s well-being. Its main purpose is to update and deepen the training of professionals by providing them with high added value tools in the areas of competitiveness, innovations systems, sustainability and management