Doctoral Programs

The Doctoral programs in Engineering and Software Engineering are aimed at training experts in multiple fields of technology. They are supported by projects led by ITBA research professors, funded and accredited by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation and other public scientific institutions, as well as by private companies or personal funding. We share the objectives and trends of the top universities in the world where education, R & D & I and the transfer to the productive sector are combined, a true Sabato Triangle within the university world.

We are aware that scientific developments do not necessarily derive in technology and that not all technological development is based on scientific creation. However, in the competitive and connected world in which we live, when technological developments are supported by new scientific knowledge, their added value is greater. That is the goal of our university and it works like a virtuous circle. Our Doctoral Programs aim to strengthen these ideas.

These programs are accredited and granted national validity by CONEAU.

  • Customized degrees, in which each Doctoral student has a specific syllabus conducted by a Thesis Director, specialist in the subject, and supervised by the Doctoral Commission.
  • Doctoral students will have full time commitment to research and graduate studies and may devote no more than 10 hours per week to teaching assignments.
  • The outcomes of the research tasks of each applicant will be documented through technical reports, conference papers, journal publications, invention patents and / or intellectual property records. The research concludes with the writing, presentation and public defense of a Doctoral thesis that would mean an original contribution to knowledge in the scientific and technological field chosen by the student.
  • The Doctoral candidate is expected to complete his/her career and present his/her Doctoral Thesis within 4 (four) years, and publish at least 2 papers in impact factor journals.


Doctoral Thesis from the Doctoral programs in Engineering and Software Engineering



Research thematic fields for Doctoral students and candidates