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We intend to train leaders in socio-economic and cultural changes in line with the integral improvement of the energy chain: energy efficiency, environmental care, energy policy and regulation, management of distributed energy and incorporation of renewable energies into smart grids.

Graduates will be able to link up technical concepts, use modern tools for simulation and design, propose and develop efficient, sustainable and competitive solutions and network with multidisciplinary teams.

The Master in Energy and Environment, jointly taught by ITBA and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), is part of the Binational Program to Strengthen Argentinian-German Interuniversity Networks. It is a double degree program with title of “Master in Energy and Environment” awarded by ITBA and “Master in Mechanical Engineering” awarded by KIT.  The Ministry of Education of each country, grant language courses for students and mobility of students and lecturers.

This Master’s degree is targeted at engineers interested in energy and environmental issues, such as generation, transportation, distribution, consumption, emission, renewable natural resources, new technologies, regulation and economics.


Duration: 3 semesters, beginning in August

1st semester: August-November. Engineering Advanced Principles. 15 weeks (18 hours/week). Total: 270 hours.

2nd semester: May-August. Focus on Renewable Energies. 15 weeks (18 hours/week). Total: 270 hours.

3rd semester: August-December. Thesis of interest for the business sector. 15-20 weeks Total: 360 hours.

Format: classes in Spanish from Mondays through Fridays.

Dr. Ing. Cecilia Smoglie


Dr. Ing. Cecilia Smoglie

ITBA Mechanical Engineering Department – Ex-Director

Dr. in Mechanical Engineering – University of Karlsruhe

Physicist – Instituto Balseiro

Prof. Dr. Robert Stieglitz

KIT Institute for Fusion and Reactor Technology – Head of Institute
KIT Institute for Applied Thermofluidics, Area Fusion and Reactor Technology – Director

Degree: Master in Energy and Environment
Acreditted under CONEAU 1009/13
Resoluction N° 774/14


Advisory Council

It includes leaders from multinational companies. The Council’s mission is to list the requirements of the global energy sector, suggest policies leveraging the competitiveness of the degree and promote cooperation with the Argentine-German Association for Science and Technology.

Eng. Jorge Goulú
General Manager IBM Cono Sur

Lic. Héctor Otheguy
General Manager CEO INVAP S.E.

Lic. Lenz Claus Wünschmann
President Business Center South America South BASF Argentina S.A.


Profesora Asociada e Investigadora, ITBA
Dra. en Ciencias Geológicas, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2004
Lic. en Ciencias Geológicas, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1989

Prof. Aso. Instituto Balseiro, Subgerente Planificación y Control, Comisión Nacional de Energía
Ing. Nuclear, Instituto Balseiro,1989

Prof. Titular de Electrónica de Potencia, UTN
Magister en Energías Renovables, Mención Eólica, UTN 2013
Ing. Electrónico, UTN, 1995

Director Ejecutivo de MAIZAR
Magister en Administración de Empresas, Universidad Católica Argentina, 2001
Posgrado E. Business, Universidad Católica Argentina, 2000
Ing. en Producción, Universidad Católica Argentina, 1984

Prof. Tit. y Director del Dpto. de Ingeniería Mecánica y Naval, ITBA
Dr. en Ingeniería, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2010
MSc. en Métodos Numéricos, Universidad Politécnica de Barcelona, 2002
Ing. Mecánico, ITBA, 1996

Responsable del grupo de Hidrógeno, ITBA
Lic. en Física y Matemáticas, Universidad Católica de Salta, 2002

Ing. Senior de Diseño Mecánico en SATELLOGIC S.A., 2011
Dr. en Ingeniería, Universitat Karlsruhe, Alemania, 2009
Ingeniero Mecánico, ITBA, 2003

Dir. Técnico y de Operaciones de GENNEIA, Buenos Aires.
Dr. en Administración de Negocios y Organización, Ecole Polytechnique Paris, Tesis en curso.
MSc. en Gerenciamiento de Proyectos, DEA, Paris, 2000.
Ing. Aeronáutico, Universidad Nacional de la Plata, 1994.

Director Proyecto Bus Híbrido, ITBA
Dr. Ing., University of Melbourne, Australia.
Ing. Mecánico, ITBA.

Prof. Titular, Directora de la Maestría ITBA-KIT, Dir del Área de Energía, ITBA
Dr. Ing., Karlsruhe University, Germany, 1984
Lic. en Física, Instituto Balseiro, Argentina,1977

Investigador en I&D InLab SA
Profesor titular ITBA.
Dr. en Ciencias Físicas, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1994
Lic. en Ciencias Físicas, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1989

Ingeniero Industrial graduado de la UTN de la Plata.
Magister en Energías Renovables, mención Solar, en la UTN de Buenos Aires.
Becado de la DAAD en Alemania – proyecto eólico.
Docente en UTN- FRLP y UNNOBA. Docente Curso de Posgrado EPEC-UNLP.
Coordinador ITER-UTN-FRLP (Espacio de Innovación en Energías Renovables). Miembro del grupo de investigación en la enseñanza de la Física (IEC)-UTN-FRLP
Miembro de la comisión de Energía Solar de IRAM.
Asesor en energías renovables de proyectos del IIPAC-FAU – UNLP para CONICET.
Evaluador externo de SENACYT – PANAMÁ.
Cofundador de Enersol Ingeniería SRL.