Dual Degree granted along with Madrid-based Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI), Spain


Technological innovation is a truly strategic factor in relation to the improvement of productivity and the strengthening of long-term growth and economic development. The Master’s in Regional Integration Project Logistics proposes a unique program for Argentina and the region for the prospective student to become a specialist in planning and executing large-scale projects involving environmental, social, economic, strategical, and infrastructural variables from a global operations perspective.

Students will learn to fully evaluate the operational feasibility of a multinational project and design, formulate, and apply adequate strategies accordingly. Additionally, they will gain knowledge on how to optimize the value chain across a region filled with social uncertainty  and operational challenges, the main purpose being to evaluate whether a project is operationally feasible by testing a variety of internationally accepted factors. Special emphasis will be laid on projects related to Mercosur, Pacific Alliance, Mercosur-EU, and the emerging markets of the southern hemisphere both in Africa and Asia.

Graduates will have a realistic, practical and integral vision on the complexities involved in global projects, for which reason they will also be trained to make decisions in ever-changing multi-cultural contexts holding a regional or global impact. Simulation, modelling, and scenario shaping techniques turn out to be tools of critical importance while building the necessary skills for the students to close the circuit.

Alejandro Arroyo Welbers

Dr. of Project Management, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

MBA in Marine Resource Management, Launceston University, Tasmania, Australia.

MSc in Maritime Economics and Operations, Malmoe, Sweden.

Master of International Political Economy, UB, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Duration: Two years, beginning in April.
Format: Classroom attendance. Thursdays and Fridays from 6.30 PM to 10 PM
Venue: 25 de Mayo 444 , Autonomous City of Buenos Aires


Students will have the possibility to travel to Spain to meet international business leaders, and learn from the experience of developed countries in terms of technological innovation applied to their studies. The visits will provide a concrete vision of the importance of physical infrastructure in the logistics management of projects.

Dual degree

Master of Logistics for Regional Integration Projects (ITBA)

Master of Logistics for Regional Integration Projects (EOI)

Accredited under CONEAU No. 466, 14 August 2017.
Resolution in process EX-2018-44084035-APN-DNGYFU


– Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
– Accounting and Costs
– Quantitative Management Techniques
– Strategic Management
– Finance and Management Control
– Global Markets

– International Trade
– International Economics
– Management of Operations and Supply
– Geopolitics of Natural Resources
– Seminar on Lectures about International Projects and Extra-Regional Operations

– Integrated Management of Projects
– Introduction to Project Logistics
– International Transportation Economics
– Maritime Transportation Economics and Operations
– Regional Integration I: Port Operations and Economics
– Regional Integration II: Ground Operations Economics
– Maritime Commercial Law
– Air Transportation and Infrastructure
– River Transportation, Infrastructure and Waterways
– Integrated Project Logistics
– Seminar on Renewable Energies
– Seminar on Agro-industries
– Seminar on Marine Resources
– Seminar on the Environment
– Research Methodology


Ing. Industrial, ITBA. Director Centro de estudios en optimización y simulación ITBA.

Dr. of Project Management, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University / MSc Maritime Economics and Operations, World Maritime University / MBA Marine Resource Management, Launceston University / ex gerente general de ZIM LINES ARGENTINA y actual presidente de SOUTHMARK LOGISTICS S.A.

MBA, UCEMA. Contadora Pública, UBA.

MBA, UADE. Ingeniero Aeronáutico, Universidad Nacional de La Plata. CEO de MSC, empresa Industrial Minera Uruguaya.

Licenciado en Transportes Marítimos, Instituto Universitario Naval. Perito Naval en Navegación, Prefectura Naval Argentina. Representante Comercial para Sudamérica, América Central y Caribe de los Puertos de Savannah y Brunswick del Estado de Georgia en U.S.A.

MBA,  Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Procurador, UBA. Abogado, UBA. Consultor de empresas y dirige la firma “DNI” Desarrollo de Negocios Internacionales.

Doctor en Ciencias de la Administración, Universidad de Belgrano. Postgrado en Marketing de Exportación, Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship, Japón. Postgrado en Management, Henley Management College. Contador Público, Universidad de Belgrano.

Doctor en Administración de Empresas, UCA. MBA, San Francisco State University. Ingeniero Industrial, UBA. Director Departamento Economía y Desarrollo Profesional, ITBA.

Abogado, UBA. Postgrado Curso de Estudios Superiores de Derecho de la Navegación y Derecho del Mar. Socio del Estudio Jurídico Mohorade, Isola, Serravalle, Mainero & Asociados.

MSc Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering – MIT / Magister en Sociología, UCA / Ing. Mecánico. ITBA /  ex Ejecutivo de Operaciones y Abastecimiento en TANDANOR.

MBA. IAE – Universidad AUSTRAL / Ing. Electromecánico, UBA.

Dr. En Finanzas, UCEMA / Magister en Finanzas, UTDT / Contador Público, UNLP.

MSc en Ingeniería – Universidad de Michigan / MBA, IAE – Universidad AUSTRAL / Ing. Naval, ITBA / exc Director de SANYM y VP Astilleros Río Santiago

Ph.D en Ciencia Política, Universidad de Texas. Master en Derecho Ambiental, Universidad de Londres. Abogado, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. Director Área Investigación FARN. Director Área Sustentabilidad, ITBA.

Doctora en Ingeniería Mecánica, Universität Karlsruhe, Alemania. Postgrado en Ingeniería Nuclear, Universidad de Londres. Licenciada en Física, Instituto Balseiro.

Postgrado en Organización Industrial, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.  Ingeniero Industrial, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.  Licenciatura en Ciencias Políticas Actual Tesis Doctoral en Supply Chain de Medicamentos y Gestión de Procesos hospitalarios.

Doctor en Dirección de Empresas, CEMA, Licenciado en Economía, UADE. Director Adjunto del Doctorado en Dirección de la Innovación Sistémica del ITBA.

Postgrado en Geofisica del Petroleo, UBA. Licenciado en Oceanografía Física, ITBA. Licenciado en Sistemas Navales, Instituto Universitario Naval Miembro de la Academia del Mar. Miembro del Consejo de Regencia del ITBA.

PhD, RMIT. Maestría en Ciencias de la Construcción, Universidad de Aston en Birmingham. Postgrado en Sistemas de Gestión, Instituto de Tecnología de Swinburne. Miembro del Instituto Australiano de Directores de Proyectos. Miembro del PMI.