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The evaluation of investment projects is a discipline intended to prepare and execute projects that will be profitable for the economic agent implementing the same and to rule out the projects that will be damaging or less profitable. To that effect, the criteria applied by engineering, economics and management, as well as by other professions or businesses related to the nature of the project at issue are applied.

The purpose of the Master’s in Project Evaluation is to train professionals responsible for evaluating public or private investment projects, providing them will all theory necessary to carry out the analysis. The Master’s also intends to train students in the actual evaluation of projects, applying their knowledge to various sectors and a series of related issues.


The Master’s program begins in March under different formats and durations

– Part time: two evenings a week. Duration: 2 years
– Full time: four evenings a week. Duration: 1 year

All classes take place at ITBA’s Graduate venue (25 de Mayo 444) and at CEMA’s University (Córdoba 374), City of Buenos Aires

Degree: Master of Project Evaluation
Accredited under CONEAU No. 1063, 14 December 2011.
Resolution 4290/17 (MoE)


– Microeconomics and Public Finance
– Financial Mathematics
– Macroeconomics and International Trade
– Accounting Principles and Project Development
– Evaluation of Private Projects
– Social Evaluation of Projects
– Project Management
– Corporate Finance and Capital Market
– Econometrics and Statistical Methods
– Environmental Impact Assessment
– Topics under Project Evaluation I
– Topics under Project Evaluation II


Rifat Lelic (ITBA)

PhD in Business Administration, Universidad Católica Argentina.

Master in Business Administration, San Francisco State University, California. I

Industrial Engineer, Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Gustavo Ferro (UCEMA)

PhD in Economics, UCEMA.

Economics Professor.

Independent Researcher CONICET.


Doctor of Project Management, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Contadora Pública, UBA. Master en Dirección de Empresas, UCEMA

MBA, Universidad Austral. Ingeniero Industrial, UCA.

Doctor en Economía, Universidad de California. Licenciada en Economía, Universidad Nacional de la Plata.

Master en Finanzas, UCEMA. Contador Público y Licenciado en Economía, UBA.

Doctor en Economía, Universidad del CEMA

Master en Estrategia, Adam Smith Open University. Ingeniero Industrial, UBA.

Dr. en Administración de Empresas, UCA; MBA, San Francisco State University.

Doctorado en Economía, UCEMA. PosTgrado en Teoría Económica, Instituto Torcuato Di Tella. Licenciado en Economía, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata.

Máster en Economía de Gobierno, UCEMA.

Doctor en Ciencias Económicas, UBA

Dr. en Finanzas, UCEMA; Mag. en Economía, UCEMA; Mag. en Finanzas, UTDT; Contador Público Nacional, UNLP.

Ph.D. in Economics, University of Chicago.