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Orientation program
The orientation program is held on the last Friday and Saturday before classes begin. This activity is a must for all new international students as it introduces them to the University, its facilities, norms and people; the city of Buenos Aires, and all practical matters needed to make the most out of their academic and social experience. Participation has a cost of usd 30.

Buddy program
Through this activity each new student is matched with an ITBA student who has done an international exchange. Buddies help newcomers swiftly adapt to the city and the university.

Language exchange program
Incoming students who want to improve their Spanish skills are matched with local students who are interested in improving another language. These couples meet weekly to chat in both languages and to further learn about each other´s culture.

Handbook for international students
This document has plenty of useful information about ITBA and our city and how to better prepare for your exchange. Download here