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Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) was founded on November 20th, 1959 and, on account of Law 14.557, it became one of the first private universities of Argentina.

With a view to creating an institution specifically devoted to teaching engineering and sea-related sciences, ITBA gave its first steps under the vision of Vice-Admiral Carlos A. Garzoni, one of its founders and main source of inspiration, who served as Chancellor for several years during the early days of organization and development of the University.

At the beginning, the University developed its activities in a building located at Cuba 1930, City of Buenos Aires. Later on, in 1965, it was moved to its current location in Avenida Eduardo Madero 399. Today, the University has expanded geographically and now has several HQs.

Currently, ITBA has over 7,000 graduates who develop activities in the professional arena, in either state-owned or private companies, or have their own business ventures or projects, which are highly successful.

The academic activities started in 1960, when the first class began its studies. Over the years, the number of students increased significantly, while other areas of expertise were also included.

ITBA offers the following undergraduate courses: Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Naval Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering and the Bachelor’s Degree in Management Studies and Information Systems.

In turn, the School of Graduate Courses has over 2,000 graduates and specializes in the generation of knowledge to use technological innovation for the welfare of the society. Its main purpose is to update and deepen the training of professionals by providing them with tools in the following areas: competitiveness, innovation systems, sustainability and management.


To train and develop professionals in the areas of Engineering, Technology and Management, through undergraduate and graduate courses and Executive Education Programmes, with high academic standards and permanently updated contents, to answer the needs of the Society and of the latest technological developments, through advanced educational techniques.


Our vision is to be the most recognized technology and management university in Argentina, due to the excellence and quality of its professional graduates, the quality of its faculty and the innovative aspects of its plans, programmes and methodologies; complementing to a large extent the business of local companies, applied research, and connections with the best universities of the region and the world.


The following ethical values rule our daily life:

Respect for others, as a core rule of behavior in the relationships among students, professors and the staff of the University;

Respect for truth and for promises made, as the essence of our university work;

Fulfillment of the rules and standards, as an essential feature of coexistence both inside and outside the University;

Capacity to be accountable for our behavior, as a responsible expression of our work as professionals.

Our institutional values allow us to pursue the following:

Search for academic excellence in teaching, research and technological development.

Teamwork, underpinned by the personal and professional development of individuals and by the integration of all the members of the University (authorities, collaborators, professors, students and professional graduates).

A transparent management based on open communication.

Commitment to the development of Argentina, while keeping a global vision and promoting diversity.


All of our careers are accredited by the National Commission for Evaluation and University Accreditation by the Ministry of Education of the Nation.