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In Company Training =
Technology+ Management + Innovation

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Our proposal

Graduate School In Company area offers opportunities, where technology and management coexist and are mutually enhancing, based on the company-university alliance.

Our in-company programs are tailor-made to each company´s specific training needs and requirements. They stand out for their academic excellence in the training of professionals, with innovative educational techniques based on engineering, technology and management.

In today´s fast-changing environment, in which innovation and technology play a key role, keeping employees trained while analyzing its impact on the company and its management is a central challenge for companies. Continuous education becomes a key component for organizations´ development and growth. ITBA´s In Company area possesses all the necessary capabilities to support companies in this great challenge.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Information Technology (ICTs)
  • Data Science
  • Management and Leadership
  • Operations and Logistics
  • Energy-Oil, Gas, Renewables
  • Environmental management
  • Marketing

We design our programs based on a thorough analysis of the requirements and characteristics of each company, taking into account the industry and the context in which they are. After the training completion, its efficiency and effectiveness are analyzed in order to improve further trainings.

In-Company training can reach all areas and all levels within an organization, addressing its issues in a transversal way. The personalized design and the flexibility of our in-company programs are fundamental pieces in the success of our trainings.

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