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Warehouse management and commercial logistics · Industrial and logistics cost management · Industrial process improvements · Industrial strategies · Logistic strategies · Industrial facilities design · Logistics center design · Production planning and control · Ground shipping and distribution · Overseas shipping and seaports · Modeling and simulation of operations · Supply ·  Inventory management · Industrial maintenance · Application of continuous improvement techniques in operations · Quality management policies and regulations · Support to information systems users· OHSAS 18001: 2007 (Initial survey according to OHSAS 18001: 2007 · Development of a matrix of legal requirements according to OHSAS 18001: 2007 · Implementation of management systems according to OHSAS 18001: 2007 · Pre-audits certification of OHSAS 18001: 2007 standards)

Design and implementation of new Business Models aligned with strategic objectives · Evaluation and improvement of existing Business Models · Design and implementation of new Business Processes aligned with Business Models ·  Design and implementation of Performance Indicator Systems aligned with Business Processes · Business architecture design for organizational change · Design and improvement of institutional operation (with specialization in the banking and insurance industries) · Design and implementation of a comprehensive operating scheme that links in a single system the Business Models with the Processes, the Performance Indicators, the Organizational Structure and the Information Systems, using the PRISM Reference Scheme distinctive of ITBA · Management and business organization coaching · Advice for business innovation policy implementations · Evaluation and implementation of marketing strategies · Development of foreign trade strategies and operations · Electronic Commerce for the Public or Private Sector · Audit and taxes · Business design focused on user experience (UX) · IT Governance · Advice for management, professionalization and succession of family businesses · Advice on business strategy for SMEs · Counseling on finance for SMEs · General and systems auditing.

Evaluation and implementation of management computer systems · Survey and construction of productivity and quality metrics for IT areas · Design and management of software development projects · Project implementation and management · Design thinking implementation (design thinking) ·  IT Safety (vulnerability measurements) · Big data, data mining, data warehousing, ETL, GIS (geographic information systems) · Open data · Usability standard measurements · Design of usability (prototyping) · Assurance and support in software quality certifications · Image and video processing and analysis (pattern recognition, tracking, etc.) · Robotics · Comprehensive Advice on Digital Marketing and Digital Businesses · Advice on Start-Ups Online Businesses Financing options · Digital Business Development · SEO · Paid Media · Email Marketing · Video Marketing · Programmatical Media Buying · New Digital Technologies · Social Media Marketing · Analytics · Mobile Marketing · Affiliate Programs · Strategies to monetize Web Projects

Engine performance measures: fuel efficiency, additives, emissions, durability · Testing for the optimization of engine admission (flowmeter) · Combustion studies: research on new fuels and mixtures · Shock  absorber performance measures · Track data acquisition for competition teams (Track Engineering) · Design and engineering of internal combustion engines · Material testing: traction, fatigue, hardness, vibration, penetrating inks, magnetic particles, metallography, heat treatments, etc. · Metrology lab: 3D scanning of parts (measurement), roughness meter, marble· Design and production of small-scale prototypes · Thermal vacuum trials · Aerospace implementations · Mechatronics Laboratory (Design, automation and modernization of control systems · Home automation) · Center for Computer Mechanics (Design of equipment and mechanical components of any size) · Simulation and modeling of equipment and industrial processes by: i) finite elements; ii) computer fluid dynamics (CFD); iii) solids, heat, electromagnetic capacity · Sizing · Material replacement for design optimization) · Drop test

Oil reservoir certification · Oil fields exploitation auditing · Rationalization of energy use · Development of hydrogen technologies · Intelligent networks of multiple origin energy generation · Design and production of renewable energy devices· Electromagnetic compatibility studies · Electrical and magnetic field measurements· Electromagnetic pollution · Study of non-ionizing radiation · Petrophysics and reservoir fluids · PVT: Instant release test or flash release test · PVT: Differential release test · Gas chromatography of liquid hydrocarbon samples · Gas chromatography of gaseous hydrocarbon samples· Thermostatic air bath · Ruska viscometer · Porosity trials, permeability, relative permeability, capillary pressure, injectivity · Corefloods · Slim Tube · Preformation fluid trials according to API 13B-1 standards · Water base: density, viscosity, gel, low temperature and pressure filtration, retort analysis, sand content, pH, alkalinity, chloride content, sulfates, total hardness (such as calcium), ATAP filtering , PHPA concentration determination, Laboratory coupon testing for corrosion · Oil base: Density, Viscosity, gel, low temperature and pressure filtration, electrical stability, retort analysis, determination of aniline point, chloride content, alkalinity, ATAP filtering · General studies for all fluids used in oil fields (including hydro-fracture): dissolved oxygen, sulfate concentration, iron concentration, BOD, COD, Boron · Determination of petrophysical properties in controls: porosity, permeability, relative permeability, capillary pressure · Analysis of geological thin sections with petrographic microscope · Characteristic studies of effluents (sampling and analysis campaign) · Drafts for the treatment of liquid effluents · Consulting on the operation of liquid effluent treatment plants · Analysis of the environmental impact matrix · Technology analysis for the treatment of solid waste · Review of studies of environmental impact · Hygiene and industrial safety audits


President – PANZER S.A.
“We have been fortunate to have access to ITBA services through different frameworks of Argentina and from within our companies. On both occasions, the experience was highly positive and enriching. The professionalism and human quality found in all work teams were excellent. ITBA gave us an intelligent insight on a technological necessity and developed an integral solution for it – with a mid and long-term vision, decisive for the commercial life of the product. Currently we are still in need of technological support and advice, and the level of attention and dedication remains the same as the first day. It is imperative to stress the importance for the development and growth of an SME to be able to access this knowledge in an organized and professional manner. It gives us tremendous security and peace of mind to follow this path of technological innovation with ITBA teams by our side. ”

“The advice of ITBA and its team, of high professional level and extensive experience, have been essential facilitators in the implementation of Process Management in our organization, with excellent contributions in both methodological and conceptual, as well as technical aspects. We are satisfied with the results we have obtained and very comfortable in the personal and professional relationships we have forged. This side of ITBA has been an interesting discovery!

“The Directorate of DUTCH STARCHES INTERNATIONAL signed a mutual development agreement with ITBA for the improvement of its production processes of Benzoic Acid and Sodium Benzoate in the San Miguel del Monte Plant.
Both the work and team meetings between the parties are highly satisfactory, interacting professionally in pursuit of each project that our Company presents to ITBA professionals and noticing a great commitment on their part. ”

Director – PCP OIL TOOLS S.A.
“The quality of the services provided by ITBA is optimal for the complexity of the projects we cover as a whole, these being diverse in terms of the different engineering disciplines. The solutions proposed throughout the projects are considered appropriate to the current available technologies. We have the pleasure and satisfaction of being able to affirm that the results obtained throughout each development process have been very satisfactory. Today, we find ourselves in production of all those projects with excellent results for market application. ”

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