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In June 2009, ITBA created its Research Department with the mission of promoting, disseminating and supporting research, development and innovation activities carried out by the University´s academic units.

The Research Department works in coordination with the relevant areas, in the generation of external financing opportunities; the definition and implementation of procedures aimed at protecting intellectual property rights and the promotion of its commercialization through its licensing; and the creation of technology-based companies linked to the University.

ITBA stands by its commitment to carry out a proactive policy of protection and commercialization of intellectual property created within it, as a way to give greater boost  to the generation and transfer of knowledge for the benefit of the entire society.

ITBACyT call: its aim is to implement internal processes for the evaluation of the scientific-technological quality of the R&D projects carried out by ITBA teachers, to allocate own resources for financing, and to monitor its outcomes.

The Department of Research and Doctoral Studies Mission is to:

  • Foster, spread and support research, development and innovation (R&D) activities of the University;
  • Generate and implement external financing opportunities for the University’s R&D activities;
  • Define guidelines and procedures for the detection, protection and attribution of intellectual property rights, reconciling the rights and interests of ITBA with those of its members, partners and clients;
  • Coordinate the responsible and orderly exercise of academic freedom, in order to allow adequate management and transfer of research outcomes;
  • Promote the commercialization of own or shared intellectual property rights;
  • Participate in the strategic planning process;
  • Position the University as a national example in R&D within the strategic priority areas;
  • Obtain external financing for R + D + i activities in the strategic priority areas of the University;
  • Establish an intellectual property culture in the daily life of all academic and administrative units;
  • Generate revenue for the University and its members, through the commercialization of their own or shared intellectual property rights.

The Department of Research and Doctoral Studies Vision is:

Ricardo S. Sánchez Peña, PhD


Contact information:

Gustavo Pierotti –
(+5411) 3754-4869

Intellectual property

Research and Development (R&D) allow universities to develop the ability to solve complex problems that arise in different areas of society, and the generation of knowledge is at the heart of the University.

Innovation (i) is the vehicle through which this knowledge is transferred to society in the form of new goods and services.

The definition and implementation of a policy aimed at protecting the intellectual property rights of all participants based on their intellectual and economic contributions is essential to support transparent and equitable cooperation programs.

The Department of Research and Intellectual Property’s main objective is to reconcile the right of authors and inventors researchers to authorship over their work, and to make publications related to their research, with the right of ITBA to value and transfer the emerging intellectual property of their activities R + D + i, this in order to ensure its proper use for the benefit of the university community and the entire society.

ITBACyT Contest

The fundamental objective of the “ITBACyT Interdisciplinary” call (ITBACyT-I) will be the financing of Research projects that combine two different work areas, being in at least two ITBA Departments. As research projects, it is sought that within the results will there be publications in journals and / or conferences with reference and impact index, according to the statistics of Scimago and / or Scopus.

Iniciación contest

With the sponsorship of Banco Santander, the Iniciación a la investigación e innovación en tecnología (Initiation to Research and Innovation in Technology) contest has been held since 1997 with the aim of raising interest and promoting the participation of University students in research, development and innovation activities during his undergraduate training. Since the 2010 Edition, the Contest also has the sponsorship of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) and incorporates fundamental methodological aspects when formulating projects that request public or private financing.

Credits for value

Presentation of the final results report: 4 credits worth in the category «Participation in an internal competition».
Obtaining awards or mentions: 4 credits worth in the category “Research related activities”.